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CoProvider is an online B2B marketplace and RFQ platform for professional services. The marketplace aims to provide a single stop shop for buyers to find and communicate with providers of facility management, private labeling, digital services, industrial services, business support and other categories. Our focus is on SMEs who are looking for affordable transformation into digital business experience.

CoProvider focuses on technology and people. The innovative part lies on the unique freemium model for B2B and the simple professional user experience. Both make it affordable for MSMEs to join and engage. Our mandate is to help buyers saving time and money while meeting the firms' compliance, audits and performance enhancement. Moreover, to boost small business sector by supporting local service providers on repositioning themselves to generate leads and keeping records of all offers and negotiation.

CoProvider was launched in 2018 under the umbrella of the UAE-based SynchTech FZCO. Since then, it is growing with the vision and leadership of Ahmed, Azzan and Samar. Their western education, entrepreneurial spirit and long term accomulated experience in procurement and sales within financial, events and engineering programs have created together the solid base for market leadership in B2B segment.


CoProvider offers a game-changing platform to procurment officers and organizations which e-source and shop for the best price and fit. Download our insightful reports in blog section and learn more about our periodic Procurement Index Score (PIS) reports.


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